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Patients can have a high degree of confidence in the quality, effectiveness, and safety of their prescription medicines. However, every medicine carries potential benefits and risks. Hygint works for  patients  to get the maximum potential benefits  with high safety profile.


Helping patients use medicines safely and effectively. We are working with providers, pharmacists, community groups, patient advocacy organizations, health care consumers and health authorities to help ensure that our medicines are being used appropriately by patients so that they can get well or stay healthy.


Making critical information accessible. We provide information and education about prescription medicines to patients and providers so they can make well informed decisions about their healthcare.


Empowering patients. We help patients take responsibility for their health by empowering them with education and motivation to play an active role in coordinating their care with their providers, which ultimately improves their quality of care.


Working in partnership. We collaborate with providers, insurers, pharmacists, hospitals, governments, patients and other stakeholders to reduce medical errors and promote patient safety.





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